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Thanks for stopping by, this is a great place to check out where I'll be playing live - solo, with Vinyl Shockley, The Reminders, The Funsters, Fun Size or Big Hat No Cattle.

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Jan. 9  Ed Solo Victoria's Pub,  5-8
Jan. 16 Fun Size, Irish Eyes - Lewes 8-11
Jan 18 Ed with the Stone Shakers,  Anchor Coffee House Lewes7:00
Jan. 23 Victorias Pub 5-8
Jan. 25 The Funsters Mango's Bethany Beach Fund raiser
Jan. 30 Big Hat No Cattle Irish Eyes 8-11
Feb 6 Ed Solo Victoria's 5-8
Feb 8 with Matt Lafferty and the Pros from Dover. Anchor Coffee House 7
Feb 13 Fun Size Irish Eyes 8-11
Feb 27 Ed Solo Victorias Pub 5-8
Feb 27 Big Hat No Cattle Irish Eyes 8-11
March 7 Funsters Milton Theater Fundraiser 8
March 11 Ed Solo Victorias Pub
March 26 Big Hat No Cattle Irish Eyes
March 29 The Reminders Tasley VA 6

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